Portable Solar Generators are Better than Roof Solar Panels, Here's Why!

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

If you are looking at solar power options, or you are interested in home backup power but aren’t sure the best way to achieve it…. READ THIS!

Portable Solar Generators have Advantages over Permanent Roof Solar Panels

We spoke in previous blog posts about the many benefits of choosing portable solar power generators over portable gas generators, but I would also like to talk about the advantages of using portable solar power over a permanent installation of roof solar panels for a full grid tie in system. Then I’ll go a step further and explain why Sol Power Generators should be your one stop shop for everything solar!

If you have already started “shopping” for solar power, you’ve probably realized that it can be extremely expensive to permanently convert your home. As well, there are many steps required to achieve the final step. After working with contractors, permitting obstacles and state laws that restrict certain options, many people get frustrated with the process. Then there is the question, “will I get my investment back if I decide to sell my home?”

A portable solar power system will give you the home backup power you need in a power outage, as well as provide supplemental power to help reduce the cost of your monthly power bill. There are no permits required! Simply plug in your panels to your generator, and lay the panels out in your yard or driveway. When the panels aren’t charging in the sun, they fold up and slide into a neat canvas carrying case. The entire unit with panels can be stored in a closet, garage, or covered patio. AND…. If you move, you can take your solar powered generator with you to your new home. This is huge! The costs associated with a solar generator are far less than the costs associated with permanent solar roof panels.

Now that you have made the decision to go solar AND portable, you now have to decide the right amount of power that will meet your needs. This is not easy to do. When we started designing and building our generators, we built our models based on the power that our family would need in a power outage, as well as provide enough power to help reduce our utility bill.

All of our Sol Power Generators are built for optimal performance and running time. Some solar generators on the market list surge power as continuous power (surge power is 2x-3x the continuous power) and fail to provide enough battery power and solar panels to provide any level of home backup power. These products could be gimmicks. Anyone purchasing a product like that for home backup power will be hugely disappointed when they do not perform as advertised.

Do not make that mistake! Read the Sol Power Blog and make sure you are getting accurate information. Also, check out our online generator store to view all of our available products, calculate your power needs and place an order!

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