Get the Jump on Your Hurricane Preparations!

This is the time of year some of us start thinking about the upcoming hurricane season starting June 1st. The past three years have been active in Florida and throughout the east coast of the United States. Research teams are beginning to make predictions about the hurricane season and whatever those predictions may be, we here in Florida know that we will have to prepare either way…eventually. For some of us, the plans are made at the last minute, but for others, hurricane preparedness is an absolute must. There are many people who depend on electricity for necessary medical equipment and cannot go without it for even a minute.

Get prepared early, so you can have peace of mind when the storm hits.

When it comes to making hurricane preparations, there is a long list of things to take into consideration. The easiest part (if you don’t procrastinate) is securing the long list of grocery items including batteries, flashlights, non-perishable food and enough water for several days per person in your household. The next part is securing the supplies you will need to live and feed yourself and /or your family during a power outage. Some people will just secure a grill for cooking and decide to rough it. Living without power, or “roughing it” may not be an option for people during prolonged outages like the ones we experienced during hurricane Francis in 2004 and Wilma in 2005. Floridians, and anyone else that has survived a major storm, understand the importance of purchasing, at minimum, a portable generator to power the absolute necessities and many will buy larger, stand-by generators to provide home backup power during these outages. Preparations will also include securing and storing gasoline for these gas-powered generators and your vehicles. This is when it starts to get complicated.

A gasoline generator will give enough power to provide a hot meal, hot shower, hours of television, etc. However, there are two concerns with using a gasoline generator. The first concern is that they are loud. Very loud. The other concern is the availability and cost of fuel to run them. A 5000-watt gasoline generator will burn an average of 18 gallons of gas per day. During an emergency it is difficult to get enough gas to last more than a day or two. When storms are being predicted in a certain area, everyone will rush to buy gas, and naturally there is a sudden supply shortage. The gas stations refuel, but sometimes it takes hours or even days, and that is only if the gas stations have power to pump the gas! These concerns are what led us to design, develop and build a portable generator that is powered by solar power only….no gas needed!

Our portable solar generators use foldable solar panels to harness the sun’s power and store the power in portable battery packs. They are safe to use indoors and can store enough power to use through the night. They are completely silent and power on with one simple switch. They solve all the problems that portable gas generators cause, and are available in various models depending on your power consumption needs. For clean, silent, portable power, Sol Power Generators is top dog!

Happily helping you get prepared,

Casey Shakespeare

Sol Power Generators



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