Generators and Power Outages: The Struggle is Real!

A Must Read for Women Around the World

Ladies, You're going to want to read this! I'm a 40 year old mom of two living in beautiful South Florida. I moved to South Florida in 1992, on the same day Hurricane Andrew hit the Miami area. I was also here for the bad hurricane seasons of 2004, 2005, and 2006, then most recently, Irma. Food and water shortages, power outages, gas shortages.....these are all things myself and most South Floridians have experienced during these storms. They are not easy things to deal with especially if you have babies and children to take care of.

My family, like many others, decided to purchase a gasoline generator to prepare for the aftermath of the big storms. Some of which left a large portion of the State of Florida without power for two weeks at a time. This can be devastating for a family! I quickly realized the problems with the gasoline generator. It was SO LOUD and dirty that I didn't want to use it other than to warm bottles and food. It also needed to be outdoors because of the harmful fumes. I also didn't like long gas lines or transporting the gasoline in my car ( that was when we could actually find gasoline to purchase!)

To be completely honest, the gasoline generator scared me. I was afraid to use it. Shortly after Irma hit, my husband, an electrical engineer, presented the idea of making a solar generator. I freaked out! I said "YES, we absolutely HAVE to do this!"...something that will give us the power we need in the aftermath of a storm, that isn't dependent on gasoline at all, will provide free power from the sun, and is completely portable (no roof panel installation on your home AND you can take it with you if you move). We went to work, designing, and building our first solar generator. That is the story of how Sol Power Generators came to be!

These portable generators are completely silent! No noise at all! They are safe to be inside your home or garage when the panels aren't charging. With systems ranging from 3000-12,000 watts, you can do anything from powering your television and charging cell phones, to powering your hot water heater and central a/c unit. All of our generators use a pure sine wave inverter, so you can safely power any electronics without fear of damaging them. When it's not hurricane season, the system can be used as supplemental power for your home. We use our solar generator to power the washing machine, power tools and other small appliances regularly and that saves some money every month on the utility bills.

Sol Power Solar Generators are Easy to Setup

The best part.....they aren't scary! I can plug in the panels and set up the entire thing BY MYSELF! All of our generators have wheels to slide them around as needed. The solar panels are fold-able and come in a neat canvas carrying case. This product has been life changing for my family. We are so excited to announce that these generators are for sale!

Please visit our online solar generator store to see our full line of solar generators and battery packs available for purchase.

Yours sincerely,

Casey Shakespeare

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