3 Reasons that Solar Powered Generators are Better than Gas Generators! (Part 3)

In Part 1 of our Solar generator vs gas generator series we mention that the main disadvantage of owning a gas generator is the gas itself. Gas is not a renewable resource and must be purchased on a continual basis and without gas, obviously, a gas generator is useless.

In Part 2 of our series, we highlighted the fact that gas generators cannot be used indoors because they exhaust noxious, deadly fumes and they carry an explosion risk. Oh.. and did we mention... gas generators SMELL HORRIBLE!!! Solar powered generators, on the other hand, only give off a small amount of heat and no fumes whatsoever and are completely safe to use indoors.

Welcome to Part 3 of our series matching up Solar Generators vs gas generators. When thinking again about gas generators, something else comes to mind... not only do they smell horrible, but they are obnoxiously and deafeningly loud! The onslaught of noise pollution created also limits the times and places that a gas generator can be used. Usually a gas generator will only be used for emergencies, this is because it is not practical for everyday use, but solar powered generators can be used anywhere, anytime to provide clean, silent, portable power!

That's right! NO NOISE!! This is huge.. So many uses for silent power! For example a solar generator can be brought camping or fishing and the silence will not disturb nature's environment. In the same situation, a gas generator would scare away every living thing in sight! Or how about bringing a solar powered generator to a picnic or tailgating before the big game and use an electric grill, a refrigerator and still power a stereo without that annoying gas generator sound.

Another benefit of silent power is the ability to plug in your washer, dryer and other appliances into your solar generator for everyday use to save on your power bill. This is not practical for a gas generator due to noise and air pollution and it would not save on your electric bill because you would be paying for fuel for the generator.

The advantages of owning a solar power generator are endless. While costing a little more upfront, they always pay for themselves in the long run as well as a number of priceless benefits, such as:

  • peace of mind that you will always have backup power when you need it

  • a sense of well being that you are acting in harmony with nature instead of helping destroy it

  • the ability to enjoy outdoor activities without annoying your neighbors with loud, obnoxious gas generators.

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